Alane Eisenbrandt, RDH, BS

Services Offered

Cleanings: A two-part process, 1. an exam: will be done at this visit. This included checking for cavities, a periodontal exam and an oral cancer screening 2. a prophy:  a preventive procedure that entails cleaning plaque and tarter above the gumline. This is appropriate for a healthy mouth in the absence of gum disease and recommended at least every 6 months

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Periodontal Maintenance: (cleaning): This is a therapeutic procedure that treats active disease and is recommended every 3 months.

Sealants: Dental sealants are a plastic coating that cover the grooves in the chewing surface of the molars in order to prevent cavities.

Digital X-Rays: Can help detect cavities in between the teeth. It also helps us check the bone level around the teeth related to periodontal disease. Digital x-rays emit less radiation than films. It is recommended every 1 to 2 years based on your risk of these issues.

Oral Cancer Screening: This is an examination to check for any suspicious abnormalities in the soft tissues. It is done free of charge at every cleaning.

Fluoride Treatments: Is a varnish painted on the teeth after a cleaning to reduce the risk of cavities.

Desensitizing Treatments: This is a coating applied and then cured with a special light to eliminate or decrease sensitive areas (usually exposed root surfaces).

Periodontal Therapy: (Deep Cleaning / Scaling & Root Planing) This is a therapeutic non-surgical performed usually with anesthesia and may include more than 1 appointment. This is a cleaning below the gumline to remove hard and soft deposits (plaque and tarter) which harbor bacteria and cause inflammation. It is important to have this procedure as it can contribute to disease in the body.

Deep Cleanings:

Scaling & Root Planning:

Teeth WhiteningIn Office: This is accomplished by applying a higher concentration of bleach (hydrogen peroxide) to the teeth and using a light source to speed up the process Usually 3 12-minute sessions are required for a noticeable difference.